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Wig material wig knowledge

Wig material wig knowledge

1. Human hair: The most used in the market is China, India, Brazil, Europe,

2, China hair: China hair currently the largest hair wigs used in the production of raw materials. China has a large population, hair quality is relatively hard. Can be dyed after acid treatment. Decorative to the head can be done again. It is popular in the US and Europe.

3, India hair: India hair is soft, hair extensions is not straight hair in China, there are small waves. Hair is easy to break after chemical treatment, plasticity is not strong.

4, Europe: Europe’s color is closer to the local consumer market, is currently the most expensive raw material, the hair of the European state is soft, not suitable for bleaching and post-processing, directly used for hair extension.

Wig material

5, chemical fiber silk: chemical fiber silk is a supplement to human hair raw materials. Chemical fiber silk divided into low temperature silk, high temperature silk, and protein silk

6. Low-temperature wire: A low-temperature wire used as a filler for human hair curtains. The low-temperature wire  kept at 270 degrees without deformation. This wire used for shaping and reducing the cost of raw materials for human hair. The disadvantage of low temperature filaments is that they are flammable and form a lump after burning.

7, high temperature wire: high temperature wire can  kept below 270 degrees without deformation, used to make styles.

8, protein silk: is the closest to human hair raw materials, the hand is closest to human hair. Commonly used in high-end wig products as fillers, and can automatically flame retarded after burning. In many countries’ product restrictions, clear requirements. Wigs Silk can be flame retardant. And tragedies caused by wigs have occurred in many countries.