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Use a buy wigs to change the hairstyle

The types of wigs can be divided into real hair and artificial (chemical fiber) according to materials. The advantage of real hair products is that they have a strong sense of reality and can also be dyed.

The disadvantage is that they are expensive and not easy to shape; the price of artificial hair products is relatively cheaper. If it is made of imported materials, it can achieve the same effect in terms of appearance, feel, color and sag. But some low-end wigs appear rough, distorted, and unbearable. Good wigs are generally fine, hand-made more refined, the scalp is more realistic, and the ventilation effect is better.

For those who like to wear wigs to change the shape, it is advisable to pick the wigs that suit them according to the tips of some experts.

Where to buy wigs and what you need to know

buy wigs

When buy wigs, the choice of excipients is especially important because they are in direct contact with our scalp. If the safety performance is not up to standard, it is very likely to endanger our scalp health. And even cause skin scalp skin allergies and pathogenic consequences. Because of the difference in head shape, it recommended to try on it before buying.

The excipients used in the purchased wigs have high elasticity index, good safety performance, light weight, true and natural color, and no restraint after wearing. The brand and quality of the wig are very important. Just like buying a shoe and buying Nick and Adidas. The products of the big brand carefully selected, fine and comfortable.

According to the experience of many friends who use wigs, wig brands still have to buy brands. In general, branded wig products made from raw materials to finished products and need to processed through multiple processes such as cleaning, screening, sorting, washing and disinfection.

Mechanism products from the hair to the product probably require hundreds of processes. Not to mention hand-woven products, it is an extremely complex and delicate work. The craftsman required to fix the hairs one by one on the hair sleeve according to the design requirements.

Everyone is concerned about wearing wigs.

Everyone is concerned about wearing wigs

1, good to wear it? An: very convenient, take only 3 minutes on the whole head, take off for half a minute

2, easy to fall? An: It won’t fall. If you have to kneel down, your hair will fall, it will hurt, you can wear swimming, play, and exercise.

3. Will it look very fake? An: It has the same effect as the hair bundle type hair extension, and it is also true hair can be dyed hot.

4. Can you wash your hair? An: Yes, the method of sampooing is the same as that of the button. But it is very convenient to take off and bring it. Is it not very comfortable to take a shampoo and massage the scalp?

5. Is it better than the button type? An: This question is more difficult to answer. It can only be said that it is best for you according to your requirements. Like now, there are MMs that are glued, and their hobbies are different. But I have used this kind of time when I have taken it, so I highly recommend it! ! !
6, what color is good? An: strongly recommend natural black. Although it can help to process the color, but generally it will be different from your own hair, so it is best to buy it back to get the barber shop processing. Real hair wigs dyeable can be hot Don’t worry at all.

Several key tips for picking wearing wigs

wearing wigs

1, look at the quality of hair
Hair is the most important factor in the performance of wigs. The highest level of hair is the top yarn in the Japanese KENEKALON series, which is purchased in units of “kg”.

2, look at the net cap accessories
Wearing wigs hairstyle can be worn comfortably or not a hairstyle can be worn comfortably or not, it depends on the mesh cap and various accessories. Purchasing all kinds of net caps and accessories from all over the world, and concentrating the best raw materials.

3, look at the net cap standard
As we all know, the head shape of Europeans is very different from that of Asians. Asian faces are generally wide and shallow. Collecting the head-type data of tens of thousands of Chinese people, developing a net cap suitable for Chinese people, and changing it into a wide-faced shallow depth.

4, see additional services
When the wig is not worn, the “hair support” is not damaged. Many wigs use hair and accessories that are not good enough, so they do not support washing. They advocate cleaning hair wigs like washing their hair.

5, see after sales service
Wigs are also commodities, so the implementation of the national return policy.

Straight hair of wig knowledge, combing method of curls

Straight hair: There is nothing to say about ordinary short hair. It can be combed directly from top to bottom. For long hair, the combing method is to comb down from the bottom to the upper third of the wig. Combing and then from 1/ 2 comb down, finally comb down from the top, comb directly from the top down. If the wig is a little knotted, then how do you comb it will not comb. Even if it is combed through the end of the hair will become hairy. And A small number of hairs were also pulled off.

Straight hair

Curly hair is divided into large rolls and small tacos: small corn rolls are the same as long hair. But combs with a slightly larger comb comb

Large rolls (air rolls, Roman rolls, etc.): You can’t use a comb to comb, you have to use your hands to make it. Follow a glimpse of the curls, follow the trend of it. And use your fingers to go down a little bit (this is mainly The loose hair is re-wound into the roll and the roll is re-reinforced to restore its curl as much as possible)

Straight hair of wig knowledge, combing method of curls

If there is really no way to make a wig, then you can do this. First, divide the rolls one by one according to the original curls. Start with one side, straighten with a comb, and then pinch the end of the wig. Roll up (PS should go straight up to the left or right direction) and roll it to the position you want, clip it with a hair clip. And then process the next few hairs in the same way.

After all the fixing, you can spray the wig care solution up. And then press the book or other heavy objects on the end for a few days (or put a towel on the top of the roll, then use the iron to burn it or use the straight machine clip a moment). Let it stay in a fixed state for a few days, then remove the hairpin. Hold the wig head around, shake a little, remember not to comb the human hair extensions. Shake the volume directly down (this The method is for the wig that is originally curly, but the effect is not great for the original straight hair, unless it is super long, then it may be a little effect.)

What to pay attention to when buying a wig

the type of wigs on the market

The buying a wig materials on the market are mainly divided into three types, namely, chemical fiber, human hair, chemical fiber and real hair. First of all, the wigs of chemical fiber are generally not realistic. If you are not a COS genius, it is best not to buy it, because it is really “fake” to wear this wig.

Real human hair is the most expensive wig, but it is not suitable for life, mainly used by TV actor.

The combination of chemical fiber and human hair can be purchased at a moderate price and is very realistic.

Second, the wig’s net material


Choose the buying a wig that you wear frequently. Pay attention to the comfort and breathability of the net material. Try it on the purchase to see if you feel uncomfortable. Then pull the elastic band inside the wig to feel the tightness. Pay attention to not loose or tight. The best!

the hair of the wig

buying a wig

If you want to know the quality of the hair, then use a lighter to burn a few hairs. If there is an unpleasant smell, then it is inferior; you can also use the air outlet of the highest hair dryer to press on the wig for about 5 seconds. If there is a real person, there will be no abnormalities. If it is another material, it will give off an unpleasant smell.

choose the wig that suits you.

When choosing buying a wig hair color, try to choose the hair color suitable for your skin color. The skin color MM can choose light brown or brown yellow; the black color MM chooses black or brown yellow; the skin color yellow MM chooses maroon and dark brown. If you need to touch the light when wearing a wig hairstyle, then choose wine red, yellow, orange red, purple red and so on.

maintenance wig precautions

The wig of each material has taboos. The chemical fiber wig can’t be washed with hot water, can’t be blown with the air tube, and can’t be exposed to the sun; the real hair can be lightly shaped with a hairdryer, and it can be placed on the hair net. Keep the hair fluffy in the hair; while the chemical fiber and the real hair mixed hair can not use the powerful detergent such as detergent to replace the shampoo to clean the wig!

Wig knowledge: How to bring a wig will not fall

Wig knowledge

With the development of replacement technology, hair is no longer an annoyance for people. Improper wearing of the wig is very bad, and it is important to wear the wig correctly. Recently, many friends came to consult me. How do wigs not fall? In this regard, I am here to give a detailed answer, let’s take a look at it.

It is mainly the wearing method of the wig, so that the wig can be better fixed.

How to bring a wig will not fall

Wig knowledge

Wig knowledge

First of all, we have to wear the hair net. Wear it on the neck first, then pull up and put on the real hair.

Next, pull the net back up. When pulling high, pay attention to check whether all the covers are covered. If you don’t cover it, you need to make some adjustments. Cover it with a small hair clip to fix the overall effect.

Secondly, put on the wig and grasp the sides with both hands and put it into the head.

Finally, while pressing and looking in the mirror, see if there is an imbalance. Do a little bit of the whole, so that the overall effect is really good.