Wig knowledge: How to bring a wig will not fall

Wig knowledge

With the development of replacement technology, hair is no longer an annoyance for people. Improper wearing of the wig is very bad, and it is important to wear the wig correctly. Recently, many friends came to consult me. How do wigs not fall? In this regard, I am here to give a detailed answer, let’s take a look at it.

It is mainly the wearing method of the wig, so that the wig can be better fixed.

How to bring a wig will not fall

Wig knowledge

Wig knowledge

First of all, we have to wear the hair net. Wear it on the neck first, then pull up and put on the real hair.

Next, pull the net back up. When pulling high, pay attention to check whether all the covers are covered. If you don’t cover it, you need to make some adjustments. Cover it with a small hair clip to fix the overall effect.

Secondly, put on the wig and grasp the sides with both hands and put it into the head.

Finally, while pressing and looking in the mirror, see if there is an imbalance. Do a little bit of the whole, so that the overall effect is really good.