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Classic wig styling interprets different beauty

Classic wig styling interprets different beauty

The classic wig style interprets different beauty. Today’s fashionable “wig circle”, color is also colorful, but the most classic black wig returns to fashion, simple and original temperament, giving another kind of beauty.

Striptease Dita Von Tesse uses her signature white-faced red lips to create her own fashion symbol with her delicate, vintage-inspired outfits and standard black hair.

Wavy black hair, young white skin, bright red lips, beautiful eyes. Plus a 16-inch waist when the vest tight, the dancer’s sexy exuded from the valuation.

Classic wig styling interprets different beauty

Classic wig styling interprets different beauty

This a group of big films made by Lindsay Lohan for the Italian brand Fornarina after he was released from prison. The blonde who tired of the blonde has black hair and wild hair.

The bohemian shape, the sculpt of the makeup. And the design of the Fornarina brand indulge in rebellious design, the degree of fit is very high. The arbitrarily separated bangs and the thick eye makeup make Lindsay exude an unyielding taste from the inside out.

Nowadays, wigs have become the darling of the fashion industry. More and more women tend to like to wear wigs. With wigs, they can make up for some of the shortcomings of their hair. And they can satisfy women’s pursuit of fashion. So why not? Wig hair extensions professional to make all kinds of wigs,

Use a buy wigs to change the hairstyle

The types of wigs can be divided into real hair and artificial (chemical fiber) according to materials. The advantage of real hair products is that they have a strong sense of reality and can also be dyed.

The disadvantage is that they are expensive and not easy to shape; the price of artificial hair products is relatively cheaper. If it is made of imported materials, it can achieve the same effect in terms of appearance, feel, color and sag. But some low-end wigs appear rough, distorted, and unbearable. Good wigs are generally fine, hand-made more refined, the scalp is more realistic, and the ventilation effect is better.

For those who like to wear wigs to change the shape, it is advisable to pick the wigs that suit them according to the tips of some experts.

Where to buy wigs and what you need to know

buy wigs

When buy wigs, the choice of excipients is especially important because they are in direct contact with our scalp. If the safety performance is not up to standard, it is very likely to endanger our scalp health. And even cause skin scalp skin allergies and pathogenic consequences. Because of the difference in head shape, it recommended to try on it before buying.

The excipients used in the purchased wigs have high elasticity index, good safety performance, light weight, true and natural color, and no restraint after wearing. The brand and quality of the wig are very important. Just like buying a shoe and buying Nick and Adidas. The products of the big brand carefully selected, fine and comfortable.

According to the experience of many friends who use wigs, wig brands still have to buy brands. In general, branded wig products made from raw materials to finished products and need to processed through multiple processes such as cleaning, screening, sorting, washing and disinfection.

Mechanism products from the hair to the product probably require hundreds of processes. Not to mention hand-woven products, it is an extremely complex and delicate work. The craftsman required to fix the hairs one by one on the hair sleeve according to the design requirements.

Everyone is concerned about wearing wigs.

Everyone is concerned about wearing wigs

1, good to wear it? An: very convenient, take only 3 minutes on the whole head, take off for half a minute

2, easy to fall? An: It won’t fall. If you have to kneel down, your hair will fall, it will hurt, you can wear swimming, play, and exercise.

3. Will it look very fake? An: It has the same effect as the hair bundle type hair extension, and it is also true hair can be dyed hot.

4. Can you wash your hair? An: Yes, the method of sampooing is the same as that of the button. But it is very convenient to take off and bring it. Is it not very comfortable to take a shampoo and massage the scalp?

5. Is it better than the button type? An: This question is more difficult to answer. It can only be said that it is best for you according to your requirements. Like now, there are MMs that are glued, and their hobbies are different. But I have used this kind of time when I have taken it, so I highly recommend it! ! !
6, what color is good? An: strongly recommend natural black. Although it can help to process the color, but generally it will be different from your own hair, so it is best to buy it back to get the barber shop processing. Real hair wigs dyeable can be hot Don’t worry at all.

Several key tips for picking wearing wigs

wearing wigs

1, look at the quality of hair
Hair is the most important factor in the performance of wigs. The highest level of hair is the top yarn in the Japanese KENEKALON series, which is purchased in units of “kg”.

2, look at the net cap accessories
Wearing wigs hairstyle can be worn comfortably or not a hairstyle can be worn comfortably or not, it depends on the mesh cap and various accessories. Purchasing all kinds of net caps and accessories from all over the world, and concentrating the best raw materials.

3, look at the net cap standard
As we all know, the head shape of Europeans is very different from that of Asians. Asian faces are generally wide and shallow. Collecting the head-type data of tens of thousands of Chinese people, developing a net cap suitable for Chinese people, and changing it into a wide-faced shallow depth.

4, see additional services
When the wig is not worn, the “hair support” is not damaged. Many wigs use hair and accessories that are not good enough, so they do not support washing. They advocate cleaning hair wigs like washing their hair.

5, see after sales service
Wigs are also commodities, so the implementation of the national return policy.

Cut short hair is not good? You can try wig short hair style

Cut short hair is not good? You can try wig short hair style

Nowadays, the most popular hair style must be short hair style. There are also many girls who have turned their hair back, but there are still sisters who can’t bear to start their own hair. It doesn’t matter. I recommend several short hair styles for wigs today. It can keep your long hair and let you have a human short hair addiction.

Now there is no girl who doesn’t know that short hair is the most popular style, but there are many girls who still can’t bear their own long hair, so there is no short-haired addiction. In fact, you can get a short hair with a wig, but it will be very hot in the summer with a wig, you must be mentally prepared.

Don’t dare really cut short? Try wig short hair style

Internal buckle wave head

Recommended reason: the inner buckle wave head is sweet and lovely, with the stylish air bangs, you will be beautiful in an instant, and there are many colors to choose from, you want that style, it is suitable for the girl you want to try.

User evaluation: The color is very beautiful, I haven’t cut short hair for a long time, I haven’t tried this color, I don’t want to cut short hair, I still have the feeling of short hair! / Hair color and hair volume are not bad, but Liu Hai has a little repair Take a look at the weapon. / It was very realistic, it was so good! Many people thought that I really cut my hair.

Don’t dare really cut short? Try wig short hair style

wig short hair style

Face wig short hair style

Recommended reason: super handsome short hair style, not only can face and face, but also let you show your perfect neck line, make the whole person look taller, and easily change the hair style to change color, awesome.

User evaluation: This model feels very good, the hair is very thin, colleagues said that looking very real, super like, have bought wigs before, the price is several times more expensive than this, but the effect is not so good, too value. The rate of return is 100%, haha, happy, this honey color is very white.

Don’t dare really cut short? Try wig short hair style

bangs wig short hair style

Recommended reason: bangs with fluffy layer of short hair, can also show the neck line, but also cover the excess flesh of the face, was thin, and the color is very good to see, after the show is young, watching is also super fresh.

User evaluation: short hair looks particularly elegant and beautiful, the color is too deep before wearing, but the effect is particularly good. It’s easy to wear, the effect is also very good, the style immediately changes, it feels a lot better.

These short hair styles are super nice. If you want to try a short hair girl, you can hurry up, or a short hair girl can change the shape.

Wig hairstyle thick bangs recommend

Girls who like wig hairstyle are much more happy, and changing the shape can give them a different mood. With a beautiful shape, they will be confident. Recommend a few sweet wind wigs, beautiful and beautiful!

wig hairstyle

Sweet medium long curly hair
The shape of the curls is remarkable in both curling and color, and the volume is suitable. The best choice for sweet girls. It can be worn with a lady’s style or sweet clothes, and it’s a good time to go out for a date or a blind date.

wig hairstyle
Cute pear head
bangs, brown hair color, large volume on the cheeks can be a good face, the gloss is also very natural, can you see a fashion wig?

wig hairstyle

Black straight hair
This straight hair is suitable for tall girls, length and waist, dark and straight length is very easy to choose, smart girl preferred.
wig hairstyle

Chestnut wave head
The tail has a large curvature, the bangs divided. And the natural chestnut color is not as realistic as the previous ones, but it is beautiful and sweet.