Use a buy wigs to change the hairstyle

The types of wigs can be divided into real hair and artificial (chemical fiber) according to materials. The advantage of real hair products is that they have a strong sense of reality and can also be dyed.

The disadvantage is that they are expensive and not easy to shape; the price of artificial hair products is relatively cheaper. If it is made of imported materials, it can achieve the same effect in terms of appearance, feel, color and sag. But some low-end wigs appear rough, distorted, and unbearable. Good wigs are generally fine, hand-made more refined, the scalp is more realistic, and the ventilation effect is better.

For those who like to wear wigs to change the shape, it is advisable to pick the wigs that suit them according to the tips of some experts.

Where to buy wigs and what you need to know

buy wigs

When buy wigs, the choice of excipients is especially important because they are in direct contact with our scalp. If the safety performance is not up to standard, it is very likely to endanger our scalp health. And even cause skin scalp skin allergies and pathogenic consequences. Because of the difference in head shape, it recommended to try on it before buying.

The excipients used in the purchased wigs have high elasticity index, good safety performance, light weight, true and natural color, and no restraint after wearing. The brand and quality of the wig are very important. Just like buying a shoe and buying Nick and Adidas. The products of the big brand carefully selected, fine and comfortable.

According to the experience of many friends who use wigs, wig brands still have to buy brands. In general, branded wig products made from raw materials to finished products and need to processed through multiple processes such as cleaning, screening, sorting, washing and disinfection.

Mechanism products from the hair to the product probably require hundreds of processes. Not to mention hand-woven products, it is an extremely complex and delicate work. The craftsman required to fix the hairs one by one on the hair sleeve according to the design requirements.