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Straight hair curly hair

Straight hair curly hair often make us in a dilemma and have no choice. The fashion trend of the fashion industry is also changing, and it is uncertain between straight hair curly hair.

Straight hair and curly hair, which will make you look younger? In most people’s impressions, curly hair is a symbol of femininity and maturity, while straight hair of clear soup noodles symbolizes nature and purity, so hair stylists will recommend The young girls try to keep a natural straight hair – because that is indeed a sign of youth.

A suitable curly hair can easily make you tender. But for a light mature woman, hope to become younger does not mean returning to the clear girlhood, but a young maturity. This maturity is strictly separated from the “old-fashioned”, and a suitable curling style makes it easier to achieve your wishes. Pay attention to these problems. Straight hair curls are young!Straight hair curly hair

The hairline of the three-seven side will make you look younger

● Usually the hairline on the side of the 37th will make you look younger and the face will look more perfect. This applies to both straight hair and curly hair.

● Long hair that is trimmed too neat will not give you a stylish retro feel, but become old-fashioned.

● The hair is tightly attached to the scalp – whether it is curly hair or straight hair, it will look old and unspirited.

The dense hair curls are not suitable for most people’s face and temperament. Like short hair style, the dense hair curls are not suitable for most people’s face and temperament. And can not bring you a sense of youth.

Fashion long hair style long straight hair style

Fashion long hair style for your reference.

Black neat bangs long straight hair style

Natural hair color, straight long hair design. Neat bangs treatment, smart and elegant hair, highlighting a cute face. Simple long straight hair style, perfect for round face.

Light chestnut long straight hair style

The long straight hair style, casually scattered on the shoulders, neat bangs design, highlighting the delicate features, exudes a ladylike temperament

Twisted hair

The vintage twisted hair styling haircut, broken hair extensions bangs design, both cheeks have a small strand of hair scattered in the front, with white carved hair accessories to match, showing the retro aura girl image.


Fashion long hair style

The ponytail is haircut, and from time to time. A few strands of hair are scattered on the cheeks, showing a sweet temperament.

The reason why the straight hair is not straight

In daily hair care hairdressing, many people want to create a straight hair style, but their hair is not straight, found that beauty skin care experts believe that this is a reason. Find the real reason why your hair is not straight, you can better care for your hair, so you can easily have a straight hair style.

Reason one: the hair is too dry

How to deal with it: First, the eyebrows should choose the right shampoo and hair care products for their hair quality, and wash them frequently, and ensure that they have at least one care every month.

straight hair

Reason 2: Sleeping without drying your hair

How to deal with it: When you encounter this problem, you must sleep after the hair is completely dry. If it is too late or too fast, use a hair dryer to blow dry and fall asleep.

Reason three: damaged hair

How to deal with it: Frequent dyeing of the human hair makes it easy to make the hair very fragile. Therefore, the eyebrows should master the hair well, preferably at intervals of three months, and use the hair care type. Care products.

Reason four: natural volume

Coping method: There is no way to avoid the natural curly hair. If the crush does not like this natural volume, then you can choose to straighten the hair, but it can only be temporary.

The above factors will lead to the situation that your hair is not straight. In order to avoid the problem of hair straightness, you need to understand and master the straight hair care skills, pay attention to the daily maintenance of hair. In short, to find the real reason why the hair is not straight, you can better avoid this situation.

Straight hair of wig knowledge, combing method of curls

Straight hair: There is nothing to say about ordinary short hair. It can be combed directly from top to bottom. For long hair, the combing method is to comb down from the bottom to the upper third of the wig. Combing and then from 1/ 2 comb down, finally comb down from the top, comb directly from the top down. If the wig is a little knotted, then how do you comb it will not comb. Even if it is combed through the end of the hair will become hairy. And A small number of hairs were also pulled off.

Straight hair

Curly hair is divided into large rolls and small tacos: small corn rolls are the same as long hair. But combs with a slightly larger comb comb

Large rolls (air rolls, Roman rolls, etc.): You can’t use a comb to comb, you have to use your hands to make it. Follow a glimpse of the curls, follow the trend of it. And use your fingers to go down a little bit (this is mainly The loose hair is re-wound into the roll and the roll is re-reinforced to restore its curl as much as possible)

Straight hair of wig knowledge, combing method of curls

If there is really no way to make a wig, then you can do this. First, divide the rolls one by one according to the original curls. Start with one side, straighten with a comb, and then pinch the end of the wig. Roll up (PS should go straight up to the left or right direction) and roll it to the position you want, clip it with a hair clip. And then process the next few hairs in the same way.

After all the fixing, you can spray the wig care solution up. And then press the book or other heavy objects on the end for a few days (or put a towel on the top of the roll, then use the iron to burn it or use the straight machine clip a moment). Let it stay in a fixed state for a few days, then remove the hairpin. Hold the wig head around, shake a little, remember not to comb the human hair extensions. Shake the volume directly down (this The method is for the wig that is originally curly, but the effect is not great for the original straight hair, unless it is super long, then it may be a little effect.)

Straight hair care

In order to have a more straight hair, many people will choose to straighten the hair. Beauty and skin care experts suggest that if you just straighten your hair, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, it’s very easy to “return the original shape.” Therefore, the hair after straightening needs serious care. Here are some treatments for straight hair styles. If you have just straightened your hair, you might want to use these hair care tips.

Straight hair

First: Do not shampoo for three days after straightening the hair, because premature shampooing can easily deform straight hair.

Second: When you sleep, be sure not to hold your hair extensions, straighten your hair before going to bed, and spread your hair evenly on your head. At the same time, try to minimize the chance of turning over, so that the hair style can be kept longer.

Third: straighten the hair, don’t tie it up again. Many girls get used to hair when they wash their face, but it is easy to pull out the hair prints. If you don’t want to get your hair wet, you can choose to bring a shower cap.

Fourth: After straightening the hair, the number of shampooing should be appropriate. It can’t be washed too hard, and it can’t be washed too little. It is best to wash your hair once every 2-3 days. At the same time, the shampoo should choose the shampoo after the hot repair, because the hair will be straightened, the hair will be greatly damaged. After washing, try not to blow with the air duct, but try to choose natural dry, wash When making hair, be sure to use hair conditioner to protect your hair.

Fifth: If it is convenient, try to go to a professional hairdressing salon to do post-hot repair treatment.

Straight hair care

Sixth: After the hair has been straightened for a while, the hair may not be as straight as when it was straightened. Even in this case, don’t use the splint to clip the hair. Because straightening the hair itself, it has already hurt the hair of the hair, and then use the splint to clip the hair, which is equivalent to the second injury to the hair. At that time, the damaged hair is likely to be difficult to repair.

Seventh: Reduce the chance of activities under the scorching sun. If you must be active in the sun, try to use a parasol to prevent the hair from being exposed to the sun, because frequent sun exposure will make your hair more and more yellow and crisp.

Eighth: After the hair is straightened, in order to restore the hair as soon as possible. In addition to professional repair and care, you can also massage the scalp. Because the hair’s own nutrients come from the scalp. Massage the head, can make the blood circulation more smooth, help the scalp to secrete oil. However, it must be noted that the intensity of the massage should also be determined according to the quality of the hair. For oily hair, pay attention to the lightness of the force. And for dry hair, it is better to use some strength to massage.

Straight hair care

Ninth: to restore hair quality, but also pay more attention to the diet, eat less sweets. Because this will make the blood acidic, the hair will become dry and dry. Usually eat more fruits and vegetables, add water and vitamins. While paying attention The supplement of protein, calcium and iron can prevent hair loss and white spotting.

These are the secrets of straight hair hairstyles. With these hair care methods, your hair will get better and better. Prompt you, straight hair because of the use of potion, so the hair will be hurt. This time you need to do a hair repair work, you can use some hair care products. So that damaged hair can be improved . Straighten hair needs maintenance, you must remember.