The reason why the straight hair is not straight

In daily hair care hairdressing, many people want to create a straight hair style, but their hair is not straight, found that beauty skin care experts believe that this is a reason. Find the real reason why your hair is not straight, you can better care for your hair, so you can easily have a straight hair style.

Reason one: the hair is too dry

How to deal with it: First, the eyebrows should choose the right shampoo and hair care products for their hair quality, and wash them frequently, and ensure that they have at least one care every month.

straight hair

Reason 2: Sleeping without drying your hair

How to deal with it: When you encounter this problem, you must sleep after the hair is completely dry. If it is too late or too fast, use a hair dryer to blow dry and fall asleep.

Reason three: damaged hair

How to deal with it: Frequent dyeing of the human hair makes it easy to make the hair very fragile. Therefore, the eyebrows should master the hair well, preferably at intervals of three months, and use the hair care type. Care products.

Reason four: natural volume

Coping method: There is no way to avoid the natural curly hair. If the crush does not like this natural volume, then you can choose to straighten the hair, but it can only be temporary.

The above factors will lead to the situation that your hair is not straight. In order to avoid the problem of hair straightness, you need to understand and master the straight hair care skills, pay attention to the daily maintenance of hair. In short, to find the real reason why the hair is not straight, you can better avoid this situation.