Shawl long straight hair style full of girlish feeling

Straight hair style has always been welcomed by the majority of girls, always giving a gentle and elegant lady image, especially the natural long hair that moves with the wind. The beauty of each hair in the elegant flow touches the heartstrings of the opposite sex.

Shawl long straight hair style full of girlish feeling

This fine long straight hair trims the layering, and the fresh natural taste stands out. The elegant feeling of the falling shoulders creates an unparalleled beauty. The thin bangs naturally separated, revealing a clean forehead and showing water. tender.

long straight hair style

Flowing is the motto of long straight hair. After trimming the finely-cut appearance, it adds a little agility to the overall shape. Letting it fall naturally and freely, with a clean and bang-free, full of goddess.

The strong sense of sight very eye-catching, and the green highlight design on the tailĀ  matched with the black hair style, which shows the delicate and elegant feeling. Under the tight dress, the perfect figure is perfect, plus the cute air bangs. Full.

The elegant long straight hair with a suitable hair dye can maximize the performance of the trend. The layers of long and short hair interlaced, making the overall more elegant, the buckled hat is to create a refreshing girl’s girl sense of vitality.

The shredded hair always gives a light and gentle picture, and a little messy hair flutters in the wind. It looks a little crystal clear, and the delicate hair of the face treated to reveal the youthful atmosphere.