The most popular hair extensions hairstyle in spring

What is the most popular hair extensions hairstyle in spring? Some people say that it is a Bobo head, and some people say it is a pear head. No matter what kind of hairstyle, if you dress up with your heart, you will be the one that is the least in spring.

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Playful curly hair wave head

The playful girl’s authentic wave short hair style, the natural micro-volume curvature and such irregular design. Is enough to set off the delicate and sweet temperament of the little girl. The hair of the oblique comb is naturally natural, and the style of the hair on the ear side is very pretty.

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bangs haircut

The little girls who like Korean style can try this simple Korean hair extensions style. Brown and yellow hair color fashion, neat bangs design, revealing the small girl’s small facial features, showing youthful vitality. A pair of black border glasses design, very Conspicuous. The whole hairstyle will make the little girl very cute and lively.

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Long hair curly princess

The princess with long curly hair is designed with a simple and fashionable princess and a soft hair that will give a very different temperament. Bangs combed on the forehead, and made a curling princess hair from the back layer of hair. The lower layer of hair was combed behind the head, and the long curly hair was full of elegant curvature.

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Middle bangs

Fashionable and generous temperament does not have to be long curly hair to achieve. A supple hair with a stylish braided princess head design, the delicate feeling of the sweet and elegant.

In the mid-length hair style of the middle point. The two sides of the hair braided out to make the design of the princess head. Which is both cool and generous.