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How do ponytail hair look good?

How do ponytail hair look good?

Are you still simply putting your hair behind your head? The ponytail lady looks refreshing and energetic, so how do you make the ponytail look good? If you add a little thought on the basis of a simple ponytail, your ponytail will be even more Outstanding, hurry and have a look!

How to tie a horsetail hair

ponytail hair
Adding a little thought to the design of this ponytail hair becomes very unique, no matter from the back and on both sides, you can have a haircut carefully. This kind of ponytail is low-key and temperament, and has its own unique charm.

Preparation tool

Comb, rubber band, hairpin

Ponytail hair

The first step: first comb the hair with a comb, then focus the hair back, and leave two bundles of hair on both sides of the bangs, the remaining hair is tied with a rubber band into a ponytail.

Step 2: Then braid the hair on the right side into a simple three-strand twist, and use a little pull on the tweezers to make the tweezers look more fluffy and full.

Step 3: Pull the braided hair back to the horse’s tail, which will also make the scorpion closer to the head.

Step 4: Wrap the tail of the scorpion around the hairpin, and use the hairpin to fix the tail. The other side of the hair bundle repeats the above operation to complete. Finally, the overall ponytail can be completed with a little care.

This ponytail hair, do you like it? Like to learn, tie it up! Hair is a magical thing that can make your beauty more beautiful. How do you make a ponytail hair look good? Look at your fashion hair and you will know.