Old-fashioned and elegant vintage interior

Old-fashioned and elegant vintage interior

The old-fashioned and elegant vintage interior welcomes subtle soothing colors such as white, blue and pink. Soft patinas, old-fashioned furniture and architecture, rustic wood and stone, natural fabrics are classically used in this style.

The romantic and soft lines of the ancient arches of the porch, the tools transmitted by craftsmen over the generations carved years ago, the elegant warm tones of the carved wooden cabinets, the furniture with fine finishes, the vintage interior inherit the legacy of the old world. style, each piece tells a story and carries an ancient energy.

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Simple and graceful, worn, cracked and damaged at the same time, wooden sideboard consoles create a comfortable and lively atmosphere, creating a calm and relaxed interior with a touch of nostalgia.

Modern farmhouse style coffee tables, made from repurposed antique doors, capture their character and impart the elegant simplicity of classic old world charm. They bring harmony to the design of the room and the floor.

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Vintage-style furniture is steeped in history, worn textures, multi-colored roughness, and polished brass and rusted iron rivets that add strength to each piece, giving each room a unique character.

Exhausted in peach tones, the teak wardrobe, brass elephant bedside tables and massive dining table at the old door are adorned with long curtains, gracefully draped in bright turquoise or soft ivory gold, depending on your walls .

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Complete your interior with accent pillows made from recycled tribal rugs and old rugs. Wall decor with dark wood panels carved with the tree of life adds accent to the design. Black and white photos in vintage frames and paintings in elegant jharokha wooden carved frames add personality.

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