Middle-aged and old man wig

Middle-aged and old man wig tend to have higher demand for wigs, because men are more likely to lose hair and hair loss once they reach middle-aged age. For middle-aged and older people, although it is impossible to reverse the aging problem caused by time, you can use wigs to maintain your personal image. So, how much is the wig of middle-aged and old men? How should middle-aged and elderly men care and maintain wigs?

How much is the middle-aged and old man wig?

Middle-aged and old men’s wigs are cheaper than 60 yuan, and more than 100 yuan. For men’s wig prices, professional companies generally do not set the price in a dead end, cheap dozens, expensive hundreds or thousands, of course, the price depends on the material, quantity, style and location of the wig.

How to choose middle and old aged men’s wigs

When choosing a man’s wig, be sure to pay attention to the details: according to your own situation, choose local wigs as much as possible. The advantage of partial wigs is that they can be mixed with your own hair, and the appearance effect is more realistic, especially like horns, hairline, etc. Position, wigs do not have good natural growth and look at the real, if there is no hair in the whole head, then you can only choose the full-length style of the wig, the style must be determined according to their own situation, listen to expert advice, Can’t just watch the pop.

How do middle-aged and old men’s wigs

1: First place the hair net from the top of the head to the neck.

2: The hair net has a ring with the elastic band facing down and the other one facing up.

3: Press the side of the elastic band to press on your own hair. Don’t let your real hair come out. On the other hand, lift your hair and spread it in the hair net. Don’t pile it together, so as not to wear it. It will not be flat after the wig.

4: After the hair is evenly spread in the hair net, the topmost mouth is placed on the head, and no special fixation is required.

5: The old man wig is worn from the front to the back, and then adjusted. There are two size adjustment buckles on the inner side of the wig. Please follow the size of your head. Adjust the buckle to get in.

6: bangs can naturally get it.

7: Find two small protrusions on the two sides of the old man wig. Check whether the position of the wig is correct. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger, pull down and adjust the position of the wig properly.

8: When you are finished wearing it, you can grab a few wigs by hand and make it fluffy. Use a comb for combs that can’t be combed with a plastic tooth comb. The curls basically don’t use a comb, and the place where the roll is taken can be finished by hand.