Long hair in autumn fashion design

Today, Xiaobian brings you several simple and fashionable temperament long hair styles, no exaggerated design, only simple and simple ethnic atmosphere, simple and elegant, elegant to interpret fashion.

Autumn fashion design, temperament long hair for you

A pear flower hot curly hair design is a very good choice, the middle of the bangs full of forehead brings a strong sense of sight, the hair curling design of the tail buckle, also subtly modify the face, have a good face repair effect .

The fashionable reddish brown is easy to set off the whiteness of the skin. The design of the outer curling is very styling. It has a certain sense of playfulness to increase the vitality of the girl, the sweet overall temperament, and the fashion.

long hair

The simplebangs design, there is not much lightness, it will not appear very dull on the whole. Fluffy design not only weakens the meat doodle face shape, but also creates a sweet and well-behaved girl temperament.

For girls with wide faces, the long straight hair style is a good decoration artifact. The middle distribution type directly wraps the face in it. The hair is very good to cover the contour of the cheek, and the big face girl can also be fashionable and cute.

The supple hair style can increase the woman’s gentle temperament. The child is a good plus item as a whole. The bangs with the powder are naturally down with the cheeks, and the face is more perfect. The brown hair color is more fashionable.

Full of charm, a stylish mid-length hair style, no exaggerated bangs. No personality hair color, giving us a simple and simple taste, the curling hair tail design is full of vitality.