How do manage boys short hair?

The boy who pays attention to the image will get up early every morning, because it is impossible to go out with a messy hairstyle, so it is necessary to get up and get a haircut. How do the boys short hair look good? Let’s teach you Tutorial.

How to deal with short hair for boys? Under the care of the hair dryer, this boy’s short hair is very handsome. The black hair is made of fluffy feel, making the whole head look very rich and full, with a thick and beautiful face. Neat bangs, perfect highlights the handsome and charming face of the boys.

How do manage boys short hair?

boys short hair

first step

Use a hair dryer to blow the side hair and hold the hair for about 5 seconds to help shape the hair.

Second step

Then use a hair dryer to blow the hair on the top of the head, especially the hair roots, and also grab the fluffy feeling by hand.

third step

After the hair is hot, curl the hair with the index and middle fingers to increase the texture.

the fourth step

Finally, the hair is blown smoothly, and then a little adjustment can be done to complete this boy’s short hair care.

I think many male compatriots now take care of their own hair, and the tools for managing hair are more complete than the girls. In fact, they have learned a technique. The above is how to share the short hair of boys. Give it a try.