How do girls raise hair care every day?

Hair is equivalent to the second face of a girl. Changing hair color, hair style and hair quality will affect the appearance of girls. Therefore, daily hair care is very important! How do girls raise hair care every day? Shampooing, combing your hair and blowing your hair are the key! Maybe everyone will wash their hair, comb their hair, and blow their hair, but you don’t know the hair care techniques included in it, let Xiaobian come to Amway!

How do girls raise hair care every day? 6 strokes to get the hair to restore smoothness and shine

First, shampoo and frequency

First of all, we need to understand our hair, dry, neutral, or oily hair. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for yourself is the first step. Secondly, the frequency of shampooing depends on the hair quality and personal preference. People who have oily hair and a refreshing hair can wash it once a day. However, it is best for people with dry hair to wash every other day. The interval between each shampoo should not exceed 3 days, otherwise the oil will block the pores of the scalp, which is not conducive to the health of the scalp.

How do girls raise hair care every day? 6 strokes to get the hair to restore smoothness and shine

Second, do not force your hair after washing

In order to make the hair dry quickly, some people use a towel to rub their hair after washing their heads. But this will not only make the hair dry quickly, but also damage the hair and make the hair become rancid.

Third, good at using essential oils

The benefits of hair care essential oils to hair are immeasurable. When the hair is half dry, apply protective oil, especially the hair ends, and then wait for the hair to dry naturally. The next day you will find the hair smooth and silky!

Fourth, make good use of the hair mask

Hair also needs intensive care. Make a hair mask for the hair once a week, so that the damaged or burnt hair is fully nutritious. This way the hair will be tougher and can withstand your next change.

Fifth, the correct use of hair dryer

girls raise hair care

The fashion long hair dryer should be kept at a constant temperature, and it is best to adjust the temperature. There are a lot of ion hair dryers on the market, and the hair is very smooth after use. When blowing hair, we should blow down the hair scales from top to bottom. The hair dryer blows at least 10 cm from the hair, lifts the top of the head and makes a 45° angle with the hair, so that the blown hair will not linger. When blowing your hair, you should pay attention to the hair dryer moving back and forth, and blowing the hair to a slightly damp.

Six, comb hair attention

Every day, we will clear the hair several times. Although the purpose of combing hair is to make the hair more tidy, it is very bad to comb the hair every few minutes. And if you meet the knot when combing your hair, the comb is not working, we should not comb hard, but slowly, patiently try to solve as slowly as possible. Excessive force when combing hair can cause damage to our scalp.