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Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

People in life will inevitably have people who are psychologically stressed due to hair thinning. If their image is incomplete, it will also have a serious consequence, that is, mental illness. We all know that the key factors leading to severe hair loss are either congenital or acquired. If the hair loss caused by acquired nature is severely detached, it is completely avoidable. To avoid severe hair loss, it is necessary to start from hair care.

The oil secreted by the epidermis of the head layer is the normal metabolism of the human body. On the contrary, if it does not produce oil, it is really not normal. If the oil is too much, it must be solved. In fact, it is very simple to solve the problem of oil. We usually wash hair. Every time you only use a brand of shampoo, in fact, it will damage your hair to a certain extent, because a brand of shampoo can not meet the nutritional needs of the hair, the type of shampoo on the market There are many moisturizing and lubricious ones, etc. You can choose between two different shampoos to use alternately.

Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

Whether in the summer or autumn, try to avoid head exposure, prolonged exposure to the sun will cause, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, etc., under the scalp is also easy to cause disorders, which promote excessive hair oil secretion And in the case of exposure, it is easy to cause skin diseases. Although most of the alopecia areata appear on the hair, it is also a kind of skin disease. In order to avoid the disease, there is a habit of wearing sunglasses, or a straw hat. head.

Moisture is an indispensable part of the hair. The preciousness of water can be reflected in any corner of the hair. Especially in the dry autumn hair, a small amount of water is easily evaporated by the hot air. Once the hair lacks moisture, it will follow. The result is that the hair looks dry, dull, and even yellowish. Therefore, it is very necessary to replenish the moisture of the hair in time.

Autumn is also a rainy season. It is not because there is more rain. Our hair body does not need to add water. However, at this time, we should pay more attention to the moisturizing degree of the hair body. In the autumn, the air humidity sometimes differs too much, and it will dry for a while. Humidity is too heavy, let alone the body is the body itself can not eat. Also pay attention to the diet while replenishing water. If you have too much head oil, try to eat less greasy food. You can eat more light, such as soup, celery, spinach, etc. The taste of cold salad is better!

Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

Many people find that their hair is not bright enough or the hair is scarce. It is not enough to wash their hair. In fact, this time, you should not wash your hair more. Diligent shampooing will cause the hair roots to loosen and promote hair growth. If you can’t wash it, what should you do? The quicker way is to strengthen the care! I don’t know if you still remember the silicone shampoo that I said a few days ago. The silicone oil is the principle of filling the scales and letting the hair look smooth. The normal shampoo interval should not exceed 3 days or less than three days. When the weather is hot, it will be counted.

If you want to maintain your black hair style, you have to cook from seemingly inconspicuous things. For example, smoking many women now smokes more frequently than men to a certain extent. I don’t know if this influence on the body is far-reaching. The effect is also the same as wine. The long-term use of wine is a strong and irritating beverage, which will lead to disorder of your life, and the head of the wine will be prone to heat. The loss of moisture in your hair will cause the hair to look dull. In the long-term care of this hair care, the first thing to do is to persist. If the hair is sparse in order to avoid psychological illness, please contact a professional institution as soon as possible to issue additional hair replacement, perhaps to restore your happiness.

Postpartum hair loss, no longer care, it is late

Postpartum hair loss, no longer care, it is late

Postpartum hair loss is a lot of my mother’s hair troubles. When I wash my hair and comb my hair, my hair is a lot more. Finally, I feel more anxious and restless, which leads to more serious hair loss. If you want to be a fashionable young mother, you can’t let it go.

Postpartum hair loss is a common physiological phenomenon, but you can’t ignore it. Any development will gradually lead you to a non-return path of permanent hair loss. Postpartum hair loss should be timely care, hair care is the key, no longer care is not late.

Postpartum hair loss

Experts explained that after giving birth to a baby, women affected the metabolism and growth of hair due to changes in hormone levels, stimulation of mental factors and nutritional supply, causing hair to start to lose hair and become scarce every day. Generally, as long as you pay attention to the cultivation and adjustment, slowly improve the diet and nutrition, it will not lead to severe hair loss.

However, some mothers are in a serious situation. When they wash their hair, they will lose more hair than others. At this time, they will not be treated in time to develop, and maybe they will become nuns one day. Here are some places worthy of your attention:

hair loss timely care, shampoo is the key

Use mild shampoos, wash your long hair regularly, remove excess oil, keep your scalp clean and reduce hair loss.


The psychological problems of the mother who gave birth to the baby should also be noticed by everyone. Some mothers will have depression after childbirth, so they should spend more time with their mothers, chat with them, and spread them to relieve physical and mental stress.

improve nutrition

Mothers who have given birth to a baby, this time is the most nutritious time, so you need to add nutrients in time, eat more fruits and vegetables, some mutton, milk, soy products can be eaten accordingly, reducing the symptoms of hair loss.