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How do girls raise hair care every day?

Hair is equivalent to the second face of a girl. Changing hair color, hair style and hair quality will affect the appearance of girls. Therefore, daily hair care is very important! How do girls raise hair care every day? Shampooing, combing your hair and blowing your hair are the key! Maybe everyone will wash their hair, comb their hair, and blow their hair, but you don’t know the hair care techniques included in it, let Xiaobian come to Amway!

How do girls raise hair care every day? 6 strokes to get the hair to restore smoothness and shine

First, shampoo and frequency

First of all, we need to understand our hair, dry, neutral, or oily hair. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for yourself is the first step. Secondly, the frequency of shampooing depends on the hair quality and personal preference. People who have oily hair and a refreshing hair can wash it once a day. However, it is best for people with dry hair to wash every other day. The interval between each shampoo should not exceed 3 days, otherwise the oil will block the pores of the scalp, which is not conducive to the health of the scalp.

How do girls raise hair care every day? 6 strokes to get the hair to restore smoothness and shine

Second, do not force your hair after washing

In order to make the hair dry quickly, some people use a towel to rub their hair after washing their heads. But this will not only make the hair dry quickly, but also damage the hair and make the hair become rancid.

Third, good at using essential oils

The benefits of hair care essential oils to hair are immeasurable. When the hair is half dry, apply protective oil, especially the hair ends, and then wait for the hair to dry naturally. The next day you will find the hair smooth and silky!

Fourth, make good use of the hair mask

Hair also needs intensive care. Make a hair mask for the hair once a week, so that the damaged or burnt hair is fully nutritious. This way the hair will be tougher and can withstand your next change.

Fifth, the correct use of hair dryer

girls raise hair care

The fashion long hair dryer should be kept at a constant temperature, and it is best to adjust the temperature. There are a lot of ion hair dryers on the market, and the hair is very smooth after use. When blowing hair, we should blow down the hair scales from top to bottom. The hair dryer blows at least 10 cm from the hair, lifts the top of the head and makes a 45° angle with the hair, so that the blown hair will not linger. When blowing your hair, you should pay attention to the hair dryer moving back and forth, and blowing the hair to a slightly damp.

Six, comb hair attention

Every day, we will clear the hair several times. Although the purpose of combing hair is to make the hair more tidy, it is very bad to comb the hair every few minutes. And if you meet the knot when combing your hair, the comb is not working, we should not comb hard, but slowly, patiently try to solve as slowly as possible. Excessive force when combing hair can cause damage to our scalp.

Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

People in life will inevitably have people who are psychologically stressed due to hair thinning. If their image is incomplete, it will also have a serious consequence, that is, mental illness. We all know that the key factors leading to severe hair loss are either congenital or acquired. If the hair loss caused by acquired nature is severely detached, it is completely avoidable. To avoid severe hair loss, it is necessary to start from hair care.

The oil secreted by the epidermis of the head layer is the normal metabolism of the human body. On the contrary, if it does not produce oil, it is really not normal. If the oil is too much, it must be solved. In fact, it is very simple to solve the problem of oil. We usually wash hair. Every time you only use a brand of shampoo, in fact, it will damage your hair to a certain extent, because a brand of shampoo can not meet the nutritional needs of the hair, the type of shampoo on the market There are many moisturizing and lubricious ones, etc. You can choose between two different shampoos to use alternately.

Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

Whether in the summer or autumn, try to avoid head exposure, prolonged exposure to the sun will cause, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, etc., under the scalp is also easy to cause disorders, which promote excessive hair oil secretion And in the case of exposure, it is easy to cause skin diseases. Although most of the alopecia areata appear on the hair, it is also a kind of skin disease. In order to avoid the disease, there is a habit of wearing sunglasses, or a straw hat. head.

Moisture is an indispensable part of the hair. The preciousness of water can be reflected in any corner of the hair. Especially in the dry autumn hair, a small amount of water is easily evaporated by the hot air. Once the hair lacks moisture, it will follow. The result is that the hair looks dry, dull, and even yellowish. Therefore, it is very necessary to replenish the moisture of the hair in time.

Autumn is also a rainy season. It is not because there is more rain. Our hair body does not need to add water. However, at this time, we should pay more attention to the moisturizing degree of the hair body. In the autumn, the air humidity sometimes differs too much, and it will dry for a while. Humidity is too heavy, let alone the body is the body itself can not eat. Also pay attention to the diet while replenishing water. If you have too much head oil, try to eat less greasy food. You can eat more light, such as soup, celery, spinach, etc. The taste of cold salad is better!

Get rid of hair thinning, start with hair care

Many people find that their hair is not bright enough or the hair is scarce. It is not enough to wash their hair. In fact, this time, you should not wash your hair more. Diligent shampooing will cause the hair roots to loosen and promote hair growth. If you can’t wash it, what should you do? The quicker way is to strengthen the care! I don’t know if you still remember the silicone shampoo that I said a few days ago. The silicone oil is the principle of filling the scales and letting the hair look smooth. The normal shampoo interval should not exceed 3 days or less than three days. When the weather is hot, it will be counted.

If you want to maintain your black hair style, you have to cook from seemingly inconspicuous things. For example, smoking many women now smokes more frequently than men to a certain extent. I don’t know if this influence on the body is far-reaching. The effect is also the same as wine. The long-term use of wine is a strong and irritating beverage, which will lead to disorder of your life, and the head of the wine will be prone to heat. The loss of moisture in your hair will cause the hair to look dull. In the long-term care of this hair care, the first thing to do is to persist. If the hair is sparse in order to avoid psychological illness, please contact a professional institution as soon as possible to issue additional hair replacement, perhaps to restore your happiness.

Hair care tips

Hair care still depends on daily persistence, but the method is critical. What are the precautions for hair care? Let’s take a look at it.

Matters to pay attention to hair care

Hair care

Do not comb the hair directly

The scalp is very important for the fashion hairstyle hair. Before washing the hair, comb the hair with a wet comb to make the dirt and dust attached to the scalp float on the surface to wash the scalp and hair at the same time. To avoid hurting the scalp.

The hair is just wet and wiped.

Many people just shampoo their hair on their heads when they are soaked, but they don’t know how to wash their hair. Before washing the hair, rinse the hair and scalp with warm water for more than 1 minute to remove 70% or 80% of the dirt. Then, pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, add water to make a foam and then apply it to your hair. This will make the foam more abundant and wash your hair thoroughly.

Shaping the scalp with nails when washing your hair

There are many bacteria in the nails, and once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection. When wiping the hair, gently push the scalp with your fingertips to decontaminate and activating blood.

Hair conditioner applied to hair roots

Since the hair follicles are opened during shampooing, the conditioner is applied to the hair roots, and the chemicals therein easily penetrate and block the hair follicles. It is recommended to straighten out the hair first. Apply the hair tips along the ear to the tip of the hair, and do not let the conditioner touch the scalp.

Conditioner is not rinsed clean

Many people think that some hair conditioner residues on the hair can make the hair more moist. In fact, the residual conditioner easily mixes dust and adheres to the scalp, clogging the hair follicles and causing inflammation. Therefore, be sure to rinse off after applying the conditioner.

Sleeping with wet hair

When the hair is wet, the scales are open, and the hair is very delicate and not resistant to friction. Sleeping when the hair is half-wet and semi-dry will cause the stratum corneum to become thinner and the hair to become dry.

Wash out and go out immediately

The study found that the amount of ultraviolet radiation received by the hair is more than twice that of the face. Ultraviolet rays will make the scales thin and peel off. When the hair is washed out, the ultraviolet rays will easily cause breakage and splitting. If you go out, it is best to use an umbrella or a hat to protect against UV rays.

Six steps of care after perm

How to care after perm? Care steps Care methods

Winter is a season for hair, and often a beautiful girl runs to do hair. But don’t know how to care after perm, how should this be good. Don’t worry, take six steps after perming, and learn to care for your hair.

1. Elastin

When you wash your hair or finish your hair in the morning, you need to use elastics to increase the strength of the curls.

2, the correct use of hair dryer

After we have finished ironing our hair, we are using a hair dryer to blow the hair in the direction of our comb, so that our hair will be more shiny and will not go away.

care after perm

3, comb combing

Never use a comb to comb it too hard, otherwise the curl will be straightened.

4, nursing essential oil

Curly hair has poor gloss, and the essential oil should be used to add luster to the hair.

5, hairpin curls

When the hair is changed to six to seventy percent dry, the hair extensions can be divided into hair bun one to five centimeters wide, which can be evenly rolled into a curl and fixed with a hairpin until the hair is completely dry.

6, do nutrition

Regularly go to the barber shop to do some nutrition for the hair. Or you can wash your hair with beer at home. The effective nutrients in the beer have a good therapeutic effect on preventing the hair from drying out, and can also make the head shine.

How to wear a wig, face and hair style

How to wear a wig, face and hair style

First of all, we have to wear the hair net. Wear it on the neck first, then pull up and put on the real hair. Next, pull the net back up. When pulling high, pay attention to check whether all the covers are covered. If you don’t cover it, you need to make some adjustments. Cover it with a small hair clip to fix the overall effect. Secondly, put on the wig and grasp the sides with both hands and put it into the head. Finally, while pressing and looking in the mirror, see if there is an imbalance. Organize the overall effect.

Long face type: The hair can be made into a curly wave type, which can increase the elegant taste. It should be loose and elegant, with a messy hair style.

Round face type: You should choose a straight hair with a high top and a straight line on both sides. The vertical line of straight hair can visually reduce the width of the round face.

Square face type: It is not advisable to stay with the bangs. You can use the asymmetric oblique bangs and the short straight hair that runs to the cheeks.

Triangular face type: It can be selected according to the proportional relationship between face type and hair style. When combing, the hair above the ear should be fluffed.

Inverted triangle face: Select the asymmetric hair style of the side split seam to reveal a full forehead, and the hair tip can be slightly rough.

How to wash the wig

hair style

1. Try not to get close to high temperature, because the relationship between materials is not high temperature resistant.

2, wig can not be dyed, if you need to trim, you can ask professional stylist to trim hair

3, fake hair is generally washed 1-2 months or so

4, cold water or warm water cleaning, when washing, use ordinary shampoo, OK, can match the general hair conditioner

5, wash the fake hair as much as possible, do not use a high temperature wind such as a hair dryer to dry, use a dry towel to gently absorb the excess moisture on the fake hair and then put it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight damage to the wig

6, do not comb the wig immediately after washing, should wait for the fake hair to dry and then comb

7, using a special hair comb for fake hair (there are different prices in the store) can not be combed with a plastic comb

8, roll hair wigs is basically not using a comb, the place of the volume after each time with a good hand to sort it out

Straight hair care

In order to have a more straight hair, many people will choose to straighten the hair. Beauty and skin care experts suggest that if you just straighten your hair, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, it’s very easy to “return the original shape.” Therefore, the hair after straightening needs serious care. Here are some treatments for straight hair styles. If you have just straightened your hair, you might want to use these hair care tips.

Straight hair

First: Do not shampoo for three days after straightening the hair, because premature shampooing can easily deform straight hair.

Second: When you sleep, be sure not to hold your hair extensions, straighten your hair before going to bed, and spread your hair evenly on your head. At the same time, try to minimize the chance of turning over, so that the hair style can be kept longer.

Third: straighten the hair, don’t tie it up again. Many girls get used to hair when they wash their face, but it is easy to pull out the hair prints. If you don’t want to get your hair wet, you can choose to bring a shower cap.

Fourth: After straightening the hair, the number of shampooing should be appropriate. It can’t be washed too hard, and it can’t be washed too little. It is best to wash your hair once every 2-3 days. At the same time, the shampoo should choose the shampoo after the hot repair, because the hair will be straightened, the hair will be greatly damaged. After washing, try not to blow with the air duct, but try to choose natural dry, wash When making hair, be sure to use hair conditioner to protect your hair.

Fifth: If it is convenient, try to go to a professional hairdressing salon to do post-hot repair treatment.

Straight hair care

Sixth: After the hair has been straightened for a while, the hair may not be as straight as when it was straightened. Even in this case, don’t use the splint to clip the hair. Because straightening the hair itself, it has already hurt the hair of the hair, and then use the splint to clip the hair, which is equivalent to the second injury to the hair. At that time, the damaged hair is likely to be difficult to repair.

Seventh: Reduce the chance of activities under the scorching sun. If you must be active in the sun, try to use a parasol to prevent the hair from being exposed to the sun, because frequent sun exposure will make your hair more and more yellow and crisp.

Eighth: After the hair is straightened, in order to restore the hair as soon as possible. In addition to professional repair and care, you can also massage the scalp. Because the hair’s own nutrients come from the scalp. Massage the head, can make the blood circulation more smooth, help the scalp to secrete oil. However, it must be noted that the intensity of the massage should also be determined according to the quality of the hair. For oily hair, pay attention to the lightness of the force. And for dry hair, it is better to use some strength to massage.

Straight hair care

Ninth: to restore hair quality, but also pay more attention to the diet, eat less sweets. Because this will make the blood acidic, the hair will become dry and dry. Usually eat more fruits and vegetables, add water and vitamins. While paying attention The supplement of protein, calcium and iron can prevent hair loss and white spotting.

These are the secrets of straight hair hairstyles. With these hair care methods, your hair will get better and better. Prompt you, straight hair because of the use of potion, so the hair will be hurt. This time you need to do a hair repair work, you can use some hair care products. So that damaged hair can be improved . Straighten hair needs maintenance, you must remember.