fashion short hair style Girls

fashion short hair style Girls

Girls who like short hair hurry to take a look. Here are a few short hair designs for everyone, and the fashion is temperament. Hurry and pick one.

fashion short hair

There are layers of reddish-brown micro-volume short hair, and in today’s increasingly popular neutral style and Boyfriend style, it is so handsome that you don’t want it, the show is cool and cool, and the rate of return is high!

The thin air bangs, plus the reddish-brown inner wave head that grows to the earlobe, the elegant temperament comes to the surface. Did you see Hepburn in the Roman Holiday?

The focus of this dark brown short hair is the big wave of the four-six-point bangs, which is very bright, with a small wave at the end of the hair, effectively modifying the facial curve, full of personality.

The bangs of four or six points, the clean and inflated wave head, refreshing and full of personality, and the short hair of linen can brighten the whole person, making you the focus of the crowd.

This brown short hair is three-by-seven bangs outwards, and the hair is strong in the shape of the tail. It is like a princess in the fairy tale of England. Sweet and lovely makes people feel excited.

Is this short hair like a ceramic doll coming out of the cupboard? The bangs that have passed the eyebrows can make a big eye. And the short hair on both sides of the cheek is simply the savior of the round face girl. And the cute girl with a slightly fat face must choose.