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Change your hair style to go to work

Change your hair style to go to work

A beautiful hairstyle is very important. Below are the personal demonstrations of Japanese MM. People say that there are no ugly women, only lazy women are not fake, let us all come to look good hair style, change one day, so that every day is also awkward, think about going to work with different hairstyles every day. It feels great.

Cleverly changing the image

Divide the hair into the front and back parts along the ear, let the front hair naturally scatter down the cheeks, surround the face, and pick a little bit of combing the back of the ear, so that you can not only subtly change the image but also thin you. s face.

Tie into a ponytail

Remove the top hair and tie it into a ponytail. From the side, the chin, the ear and the ponytail are in a straight line.

Comb combing hair 1-2 times with a comb

Clip the hair left at the top with the hairpin on the hair root of the ponytail, then pull the hair up as shown in the picture to make it look fluffy. If you can’t get your hair loose, you can use the comb to comb the hair 1-2 times in advance.

Split the ponytail into a little and roll it slightly

Part of the ponytail is slightly rolled up, then combed with a hairpin and clipped to the hair root of the ponytail, then put the remaining hair on both sides behind the ear, and finally spray a little gel water to maintain the hairstyle.

Change your hair style to go to work

Pick a hair in a zigzag circle

Use a comb handle to draw the hair in a zigzag pattern, and then comb the hair in a combing manner.

Keep the top fluffy

Spray the gel water to keep the top fluffy, taking care to spray from the inside of the hair instead of spraying it on the surface.

Tied hair with a beautiful rubber band

Combing the back hair classic wig to the lower right and tie it with a pretty rubber band.

Combing the bangs on both sides

Finally, apply a little wax, then separate the bangs by 6:4 and comb them on both sides.

Recommend four newest fashion hairstyles this year

Recommend four newest fashion hairstyles this year

The latest fashion hairstyles are always one of the focuses of fashion people. They change their hair styles through beauty salons at any time. Of course, those who are at the forefront of fashion, and the latest fashion hairstyles, what are the latest fashion hairstyles this year? Here? I would like to recommend four latest fashion hairstyles with a ladylike temperament. You are naturally a lady who can’t miss it. If you want to be a lady, it is also a very good choice.

Fashion hairstyles long wavy hair

The long curly hair style is like a beautiful doll. This wavy long curly hair style has exquisite detailing, with light brown hair dyeing, more fashionable and slanting bangs to lengthen the face lines, making the round face become a melon face. A bow tie hair accessory adds a sweet touch to the little girl.

Wen Wei micro-volume long hair

The slight curl is very elegant and beautiful. Put the supple hair on one side, it is natural and smooth. It can also take the outer part of the hair and it is very suitable for temperament white-collar beauty, and can increase the freshness.

Double ponytail long curly hair

For young and youthful young girls, try this hairstyle, very cute and sweet, medium and long hair to create a wavy curl, brown and yellow hair dye to enhance the fashion, two cute horsetails show the young girl’s lively and lovely, and let hair The volume is more flexible, Qi Liuhai has the effect of modifying the face shape, and is the best bangs style.

Eversion large curly hair

Romantic lady temperament hairstyle, retro wavy curly hair, pure black hair color is more natural and fresh cut, boldly revealing a full forehead, temperament female favorite hairstyle. With exquisite nude and nude color, it is dignified and elegant.

Which of the above four latest fashion hairstyles do you prefer? The wavy long curly hair style like a doll turns a round face into a melon face. I believe it is a favorite of many ladies. Wen Wei’s long curly hair is very feminine. White-collar beauty.

Dyeing chocolate color hair looks good?

Dyeing chocolate color hair looks good? You like it!

The sweet chocolate color is the welfare of many people who love sweets. Chocolate is also a love sacred object, and people who love Valentine’s Day will send chocolate to express their love. For girls, chocolate hair is also highly sought after. But you can’t just look at the chocolate hair and look at it blindly. You have to choose different hair color for different skin colors. There is a detailed introduction in the article, let’s see if you are suitable for chocolate color hairstyles?
1. What color is suitable for chocolate color hair?

Dyeing chocolate color hair looks good? You like it!

This is a magical hair color that is the best hair color for all skin tones in a variety of hair colors. Whether it’s cold, warm, deep or shallow, it’s very safe. Even if you have long hair or short hair, straight hair or curly hair, it can easily hold. We gave it a nickname: omnipotent.

Advanced color: Add a little black to the top of the hair, and the rest of the hair that is down is dyed with a lighter bronze color, which can make the face more beautiful. Try wavy curls to be better, disco heads or honeycomb heads more chic. More match than match: although this hairstyle can be controlled by almost all skin tones. But the girls with cool skin tones must try. Nothing makes you look better than this.
2, the usual skin color recommended chocolate color

Dyeing chocolate color hair looks good? You like it!

Color selection suggestions: dark brown color, dark purple color, dark brown color, chocolate color. Normal skin color is between white and white. For Chinese people, it is a normal yellow color. The brown color that is warmer will make people’s skin look white and clean, such as dark brown, dark purple, dark brown, etc. But you must avoid the reddish warm colors of red, burgundy, etc. These colors will make you instantly become a “housewife”.

3. What color is the chocolate color dyed on the hair?

After the hair is dyed hot, it will lead to the loss of moisture in the hair. Go to the beauty salon to do the hair mask. You can do it on a regular basis. You can go once in a month and a half. The hair is trimmed about 15 days after the hair is dyed, so that the damaged hair ends can be removed, and the hair is healthy and benign after the trimming. For hair after dyeing, be sure to pay attention to UV protection, because ultraviolet light can easily fade the hair after dyeing; frequent swimming will also accelerate the loss of pigment.
4, chocolate-colored hairstyle

Dyeing chocolate color hair looks good? You like it!

Round-faced girl, a long hair style with bangs, a little small roll, and then made the bangs into a middle-class, beautiful and sweet, especially temperament. The long-faced girl, a very nice long-haired haircut, a big curly hair, and a good-looking standard chocolate hair color, looks very trendy.
5. What is the difference between chocolate color, brown color and linen color?

Dyeing chocolate color hair care looks good? You like it!

These three colors are not very different. In comparison, chocolate is darker, linen is second, and brown is the brightest. But hair dyeing needs to be adjusted to control the brightness of the color; two color blending dyeing is also common, such as chocolate brown, you can make your request clear with the hair stylist before dyeing hair.

Japanese flower hair style tutorial

The Japanese flower hair style is a popular hairstyle that has been popular in the fashion industry in recent years. There are many kinds
of ties in the flower hoe. With the continuous development, more and more unique creative flower gimmick shapes are produced,
which is why the flower hoe can last for a long time. Today, Xiaobian brings you a gardenia hoe, which is very different and elegant.
Let’s learn how to tie it together!

Absolutely stylish! Teach you DIY Japanese hair sweet hair taro

first step

First comb the hair, then start braiding from the top of the left head. The scorpion has to be compiled tightly to be more able to
highlight the beauty. It may not be well edited at first, and it will get better and better when you practice several times.

Second step

The braid stitched to the bottom of the ear and then tied with a rubber band. Looking at this little donkey, do you think it looks good
and looks very temperament? After you tie it, you can comb your hair well.

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Japanese flower hair style tutorial

Japanese flower hair style

third step

The braided hairpins decorated with long hair style extensions accessories. This delicate hair accessory is like a rose that blooms in the hair. It is very
beautiful. (This step omitted, mainly for everyone to see the effect of matching hair accessories.

the fourth step

Now, in the second step, divide the tied pony tail into two halves and tie it with the rubber band in the middle position.

the fifth step

Rotate the rammed horsetail onto it to create a flower swatch, then secure it with a small black card.

Step 6

The rest of the remaining ponytails follow the fifth step, and the beautiful and individual flower hoes come out. Finally, different hair
accessories fixed and decorated to create different effects.

Fashion long hair style long straight hair style

Fashion long hair style for your reference.

Black neat bangs long straight hair style

Natural hair color, straight long hair design. Neat bangs treatment, smart and elegant hair, highlighting a cute face. Simple long straight hair style, perfect for round face.

Light chestnut long straight hair style

The long straight hair style, casually scattered on the shoulders, neat bangs design, highlighting the delicate features, exudes a ladylike temperament

Twisted hair

The vintage twisted hair styling haircut, broken hair extensions bangs design, both cheeks have a small strand of hair scattered in the front, with white carved hair accessories to match, showing the retro aura girl image.


Fashion long hair style

The ponytail is haircut, and from time to time. A few strands of hair are scattered on the cheeks, showing a sweet temperament.

2 sexy hairstyles

Each season’s sexy index has some new indicators. If “this time”, the man who melted you has invited you to a candlelight dinner, how do you make your sexy index break through 100

Curly hair sexy hairstyles

Curly hair is always inextricably linked to femininity. Your usual practice: perm to the hair salon to get the curl effect. In fact, DIY at home is a more feminine? Details: In order to save your precious time, first make a good curl, then spray some styling gel water, then go to make up.

This saves time and extends the life of the curl. It should be noted that after removing the hair curl, apply a few fingers to make the hair curl more natural. Do not comb the hair with a brush, which will destroy the hair curl. The smaller the long hair curl, the more curled the hairstyle is. Charming hair curls

Curly hair sexy hairstyles

Ponytail hair sexy hairstyles

The ponytail is the simplest and most unmistakable hairstyle. Your usual practice is to smooth a ponytail. To make sexy points, you can comb a more textured, layered, slightly messy ponytail.

Detail Tip: Use your hand to rub a little hair to rub the front hair back, then massage your hair and let the wax penetrate into each hair. Then straighten the hair by hand and comb it from bottom to top.

At this time, don’t forget the broken hairs that have fallen. For the same reason, use wax to lift them up. Wax can play a fixed role. Never use a comb to comb the hair after the wax is applied, it will appear stiff and stiff.

Boldly try different hairstyles that can express your different attitudes towards life, whether it is a charming curly hair or a lively and pretty ponytail. If you want to be sexy, you can be sexy!

Long hair styles that should not be missed

Long hair style

In the summer, many women have begun to worry about how to make good haircuts in summer. Today, we recommend four long hair hairstyle pictures that you should not miss in the summer of 2018, so that you can be beautiful all summer!

long hair styles

How do you make a good summer haircut? The stylish mid-range is the freshest goddess of the goose-faced girls, and the long-hair perm design with this meninge is more romantic and beautiful than the fresh and natural brown hair.

long hair styles

It is also a pure temperament style of a 2018 female growth straight hair style design, using a simple mid-point bangs design and fresh and elegant and waist straight to increase the aesthetic temperament.

long hair styles

Four long hair styles that should not be missed

How do you make a good summer haircut? Learn a light-aged OL Korean long curly hair style. Hot curly hair fluffy curls to modify the face face-lift, with dark coffee color hairline to give the skin a fair complexion, intellectual feminine hairstyle.

long hair styles

The beautiful and fashionable Korean style long hair curling hairstyle. The wave-shaped hot curling long hair naturally curls, the intellectual temperament is very temperament. With the hot roll of Liu Haixiu face-lifting. You can’t miss this long hair style in the summer of 2018!

Good-looking hairstyles

On a hot day, ladies don’t wear long hair, it’s hot and not very good looking. In fact, as long as you spend a little thought on the hair, it will be more refreshing and beautiful. Therefore, mm should not miss the simple and easy-to-follow steps recommended for the long hair below. It will be easy for you to learn.

This simple haircut that can be completed in three simple steps is really novel. It is easy to fold a ponytail and fold it in half. It can avoid the low ponytail and the sultry neck and can bring out the vitality and chic, and the large slanting bangs It is quite temperamental.

Rubber band

First concentrate all the hair behind your head, then tie a low ponytail with a rubber band, and pay attention to the hair to cover a little bit of the ear.

It’s okay to fold the tied ponytail, and it’s a little messy, it can maintain a natural messy feeling.

Finally, the human hair extensions is bundled with the prepared hair ring, which can make the shape more bright and suck.

Various methods of tying hair have peace of mind

Simple and beautiful steps for long Good-looking hairstyles, how to tie it, you can make new tricks

Good-looking hairstyles

In addition to the long hair method above, the girls do not try this twisted ponytail, just divide the hair into two uniform left and right, and then weave the two hair bundles into a simple three-strand twist, to The tail is tied with a rubber band. The entire Zhafa is both easy to learn and very mature.

If you only want to tie a simple hair, this high horsetail must meet your requirements, a simple rubber band can be done. Although this high ponytail looks simple, it does not lose its freshness, but it is even more refreshing.

The ball head is also one of the simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Whether it is bangs or no bangs, it can show the unique freshness and refreshing feeling of the ball head. Just like this ball head, it’s simple and straight, but it gives you no idea of ​​beauty.

Cut short hair is not good? You can try wig short hair style

Cut short hair is not good? You can try wig short hair style

Nowadays, the most popular hair style must be short hair style. There are also many girls who have turned their hair back, but there are still sisters who can’t bear to start their own hair. It doesn’t matter. I recommend several short hair styles for wigs today. It can keep your long hair and let you have a human short hair addiction.

Now there is no girl who doesn’t know that short hair is the most popular style, but there are many girls who still can’t bear their own long hair, so there is no short-haired addiction. In fact, you can get a short hair with a wig, but it will be very hot in the summer with a wig, you must be mentally prepared.

Don’t dare really cut short? Try wig short hair style

Internal buckle wave head

Recommended reason: the inner buckle wave head is sweet and lovely, with the stylish air bangs, you will be beautiful in an instant, and there are many colors to choose from, you want that style, it is suitable for the girl you want to try.

User evaluation: The color is very beautiful, I haven’t cut short hair for a long time, I haven’t tried this color, I don’t want to cut short hair, I still have the feeling of short hair! / Hair color and hair volume are not bad, but Liu Hai has a little repair Take a look at the weapon. / It was very realistic, it was so good! Many people thought that I really cut my hair.

Don’t dare really cut short? Try wig short hair style

wig short hair style

Face wig short hair style

Recommended reason: super handsome short hair style, not only can face and face, but also let you show your perfect neck line, make the whole person look taller, and easily change the hair style to change color, awesome.

User evaluation: This model feels very good, the hair is very thin, colleagues said that looking very real, super like, have bought wigs before, the price is several times more expensive than this, but the effect is not so good, too value. The rate of return is 100%, haha, happy, this honey color is very white.

Don’t dare really cut short? Try wig short hair style

bangs wig short hair style

Recommended reason: bangs with fluffy layer of short hair, can also show the neck line, but also cover the excess flesh of the face, was thin, and the color is very good to see, after the show is young, watching is also super fresh.

User evaluation: short hair looks particularly elegant and beautiful, the color is too deep before wearing, but the effect is particularly good. It’s easy to wear, the effect is also very good, the style immediately changes, it feels a lot better.

These short hair styles are super nice. If you want to try a short hair girl, you can hurry up, or a short hair girl can change the shape.

change your fashion hairstyle

Do you know what hairstyles are popular this year? Today, I bring you a variety of fashion hairstyle, a variety of fashion hairstyle, there is always a suitable for you, hurry to pick and choose!

fashion hairstyle
Popular index: ★★★★★

Very stylish one big side wave head, the tail of the inner buckle with a roll looks very fluffy and textured, the overall feels very skilled and feminine, very suitable for OL friends.

fashion hairstyle
Popular index: ★★★★☆

This fluffy and slanted shoulder curl is also one of the hairstyles that many sisters like, and the dyed hair of linen is very fashionable and has a sweet and touching atmosphere.

fashion hairstyle
Popular index: ★★★★★

The fresh and natural side is short and bangs, with the hairline decoration of the inner buckle, to create a fashion temperament hair style, very suitable for the students of the family, relatively pure and pleasant.

fashion hairstyle
Popular index: ★★★★☆

This short-neck short hair is very eye-catching, especially with gray linen color hair and fluffy buckle design, more stylish and individual, as well as a large side of the bangs micro-eyes to create a mystery.

fashion hairstyle

Popular index: ★★★★★

The popularity index of pear flower hair type has not been reduced. And it is still one of the sweet hair styles that many girls like. The side of the bangs naturally scattered can outline the beautiful face.

fashion hairstyle
Popular index: ★★★★

The thick bangs are slightly subdivided with soft and beautiful hair, and the natural buckles are added to the shoulders. It is still a simple, pure and academic style hairstyle.

fashion hairstyle
Popular index: ★★★★☆

Many girls have to go through long-term haircuts from short hair to long hair. But this long hair style is also quite sleek, with a fluffy hair and a special buckled bangs. .