Everyone is concerned about wearing wigs.

Everyone is concerned about wearing wigs

1, good to wear it? An: very convenient, take only 3 minutes on the whole head, take off for half a minute

2, easy to fall? An: It won’t fall. If you have to kneel down, your hair will fall, it will hurt, you can wear swimming, play, and exercise.

3. Will it look very fake? An: It has the same effect as the hair bundle type hair extension, and it is also true hair can be dyed hot.

4. Can you wash your hair? An: Yes, the method of sampooing is the same as that of the button. But it is very convenient to take off and bring it. Is it not very comfortable to take a shampoo and massage the scalp?

5. Is it better than the button type? An: This question is more difficult to answer. It can only be said that it is best for you according to your requirements. Like now, there are MMs that are glued, and their hobbies are different. But I have used this kind of time when I have taken it, so I highly recommend it! ! !
6, what color is good? An: strongly recommend natural black. Although it can help to process the color, but generally it will be different from your own hair, so it is best to buy it back to get the barber shop processing. Real hair wigs dyeable can be hot Don’t worry at all.

Several key tips for picking wearing wigs

wearing wigs

1, look at the quality of hair
Hair is the most important factor in the performance of wigs. The highest level of hair is the top yarn in the Japanese KENEKALON series, which is purchased in units of “kg”.

2, look at the net cap accessories
Wearing wigs hairstyle can be worn comfortably or not a hairstyle can be worn comfortably or not, it depends on the mesh cap and various accessories. Purchasing all kinds of net caps and accessories from all over the world, and concentrating the best raw materials.

3, look at the net cap standard
As we all know, the head shape of Europeans is very different from that of Asians. Asian faces are generally wide and shallow. Collecting the head-type data of tens of thousands of Chinese people, developing a net cap suitable for Chinese people, and changing it into a wide-faced shallow depth.

4, see additional services
When the wig is not worn, the “hair support” is not damaged. Many wigs use hair and accessories that are not good enough, so they do not support washing. They advocate cleaning hair wigs like washing their hair.

5, see after sales service
Wigs are also commodities, so the implementation of the national return policy.