Change your hair style to go to work

Change your hair style to go to work

A beautiful hairstyle is very important. Below are the personal demonstrations of Japanese MM. People say that there are no ugly women, only lazy women are not fake, let us all come to look good hair style, change one day, so that every day is also awkward, think about going to work with different hairstyles every day. It feels great.

Cleverly changing the image

Divide the hair into the front and back parts along the ear, let the front hair naturally scatter down the cheeks, surround the face, and pick a little bit of combing the back of the ear, so that you can not only subtly change the image but also thin you. s face.

Tie into a ponytail

Remove the top hair and tie it into a ponytail. From the side, the chin, the ear and the ponytail are in a straight line.

Comb combing hair 1-2 times with a comb

Clip the hair left at the top with the hairpin on the hair root of the ponytail, then pull the hair up as shown in the picture to make it look fluffy. If you can’t get your hair loose, you can use the comb to comb the hair 1-2 times in advance.

Split the ponytail into a little and roll it slightly

Part of the ponytail is slightly rolled up, then combed with a hairpin and clipped to the hair root of the ponytail, then put the remaining hair on both sides behind the ear, and finally spray a little gel water to maintain the hairstyle.

Change your hair style to go to work

Pick a hair in a zigzag circle

Use a comb handle to draw the hair in a zigzag pattern, and then comb the hair in a combing manner.

Keep the top fluffy

Spray the gel water to keep the top fluffy, taking care to spray from the inside of the hair instead of spraying it on the surface.

Tied hair with a beautiful rubber band

Combing the back hair classic wig to the lower right and tie it with a pretty rubber band.

Combing the bangs on both sides

Finally, apply a little wax, then separate the bangs by 6:4 and comb them on both sides.