Black short hair is not stained and looks good

Although the hair is dyed, it will be very foreign. However, if the hair is dyed more times, or if it is faded and colored, it is very hurtful. Then, what are the girls’ short hair styles? What good black short hair style?

The short hair length of Qiqi is definitely the hottest item at the moment. The length of the hair just wraps around the cheeks with the most fleshy flesh, revealing a pointed chin, and outlines a delicate little face. The natural black hair color is matched with the middle bangs. Nature is the most beautiful.

Girls black short hair style

Black short hair

Natural black hair color, whether it is yellow skin, black skin or white skin can hold, super wild, with Qi Wei short hair, and then leave a partial bangs, clip one side of hair to the ear, Very temperament.

The fashion explosion of Qi Ning Bo Bo head short hair, like this short hair people are really a lot, just barely exposed neck and chin, round face girls can also try boldly, cut a frown bangs, will be more playful, natural Black is more fashionable.

The short hair of the chin is also a must-have for short hair. The girl who tries the short hair for the first time may wish to try it. The short hair that grows to this position will be easier to hold, with the classic inner buckle, and then the bangs in the middle will be slightly burned. Instantly change the overall temperament, age is very cute.

Girls black short hair style

The black short hair is actually very popular among the sisters in Korea. Like this classic inner buckle and short hair, it is very temperament. It is divided into eight characters and bangs. It is slightly hot, sweet and pure.

This is an ultra-short hair style with flat horns on both sides, short hair to the top of the ear, and air bangs. The whole look is very refreshing, ultra short hair and black is simply a standard.

The length of the blackĀ  wigs is shoulder-length, and the effect of the micro-volume is burned at the end of the hair. This will look more fashionable, with the air bangs, sweet and cute and very tender, very suitable for the students and sisters.

In addition to the black short hair, the black curled egg roll is also very suitable. This outer curling egg head, the curved egg roll will look more fashionable and personality. And the hair tail is more playful and natural. The black hair color is very obvious.