Popular long curly hair style in 2018

Autumn and winter styles like the present one are really suitable for a long curly hair style. Not only the season but also most of the medium and long curly hair styles are not face-shaped.

Popular long curly hair style in 2018

long curly hair style

Girls staying long hair is a kind of temperament that comes with a goddess. If you feel that your long straight hair is too rigid and monotonous, you may wish to iron your hair into a S-roll shape, casual shawl in the daily, small woman’s breath charm. It’s easy to have, and the elegant design is a fashionable medium-length curly hairstyle that is not to be missed by 2018.

I still remember the intrinsic buckles that were very popular in the past few years, but I can see that nowadays, both the fashion circle and the major social platforms, Miss Net Red will quietly change the inner volume to the outer one. Styling, in 2018, the outer curl + inner roll is very popular, this style will not only give people a temperament, but also the whole person is very sweet and fresh, if the girl does not like the monotonous out Or involution, then you can try this.

Popular long curly hair style in 2018

long curly hair style

If you like straight hair, but you feel that the curls are more flavorful, then you may want to try the design of the medium and long micro-volumes, just simply heat the hair tail slightly to a small arc, which is good. Combine your straight hair with your curly hair, and let you have a fresh, messy and lazy feeling in just a few steps. This medium-length hair can be controlled by you, whether you are pure or have a personality. .

Medium long hair is very suitable for autumn and winter girls’ hairstyles. It is also versatile and looks good. This medium long curly hair is to smear the hair in the middle and lower parts of the hair. It is not only fluffy and light. , but also very slim and thin, I believe that whether it is like her shawl or Zama tail will look good.

Popular long curly hair style in 2018

long curly hair style

A medium-length hair style that is very popular among young ladies and sisters in 2018. The curvature of the curly hair is obviously matched with the air bangs designed on the forehead. In daily life, one side of the hair can be rubbed to the back of the ear. And then it can be casual. The shawl, so that you can easily show the handsome charm of the Royal Sister.

Air bangs has been very popular in recent years. And it is also a aging temperament that can also add a sweet temperament. If it is paired with a spiral medium-length curly hair. It will definitely give you instant The beautiful girl’s temperament. So as to avoid the rigid shape of straight hair, and the style can also modify the face.

The above series edited several 2018 medium and long curly hair styles for everyone. Is there any one that gets to your heart? If you like the reference, thank you for your support.

2018 girls popular long hair straight hair style

Although it is very popular now, there are many girls who like to choose some girls with straight hair styles. These long hair straight hair styles are particularly simple and beautiful. Straight 2018 long hair straight hair, simply Dressed on the girl’s shoulders, it seems that the girl is quiet and gentle. From this back, you can see the charm of the girl. Now let’s take a look at these very nice girls with long hair straight hair.

Girls popular long hair straight hair

A girl with maroon hair dye has long straight hair and a hair that is a bit close to the mid-range 2018 long hair straight hair style. Straight hair, the wind blows over, it seems to be particularly elegant and generous, so beautiful Long hair and hair, highlighting the beauty of the girl’s quiet.

Girls popular long hair straight hair

popular long hair straight hair

Black girl straight hair style, long and straight female growth hair, slanted bangs, plus a beautiful little hat, such a girl’s long hair straight hair looks so elegant and generous, there are many Sisters like this hairstyle.

Girls popular long hair straight hair

This year’s girls in Europe and America are also very popular in this type of 2018 long hair straight hair style. The split-type bangs, very good-looking long hair hair style. The wind blows, a lot of hair has covered the face, This will add a little more beauty.

A girl with a bit of baby fat, the hair is a split-type girl with a straight hair style. And after the hair is dyed with a maroon hair color. Such a long hair straight hair is quietly draped over the shoulder. And the hair is particularly straight. Such a girl is quiet and elegant

Mori girl’s long hair style, this is a 2018 long hair straight hair style, the hair is a split straight hair. The hair is trimmed and a little bit broken, so long hair, then match A white dress, sweet and idyllic.

How do manage boys short hair?

The boy who pays attention to the image will get up early every morning, because it is impossible to go out with a messy hairstyle, so it is necessary to get up and get a haircut. How do the boys short hair look good? Let’s teach you Tutorial.

How to deal with short hair for boys? Under the care of the hair dryer, this boy’s short hair is very handsome. The black hair is made of fluffy feel, making the whole head look very rich and full, with a thick and beautiful face. Neat bangs, perfect highlights the handsome and charming face of the boys.

How do manage boys short hair?

boys short hair

first step

Use a hair dryer to blow the side hair and hold the hair for about 5 seconds to help shape the hair.

Second step

Then use a hair dryer to blow the hair on the top of the head, especially the hair roots, and also grab the fluffy feeling by hand.

third step

After the hair is hot, curl the hair with the index and middle fingers to increase the texture.

the fourth step

Finally, the hair is blown smoothly, and then a little adjustment can be done to complete this boy’s short hair care.

I think many male compatriots now take care of their own hair, and the tools for managing hair are more complete than the girls. In fact, they have learned a technique. The above is how to share the short hair of boys. Give it a try.

Popular fashion wigs

This is a personality with a sweet wig hairstyle. The neat and thick Qi Liuhai covers the forehead very well and plays a role in reducing the shape of the face. The long curly hair of the big wave wraps the face and creates a visual sense of the doll. Natural and fashionable, the whole shape is full of elegant and elegant atmosphere, which attracts people’s attention.

Popular fashion wigs

Popular fashion wigs

This feminine and tidy mid-length curly hair wig creates a graceful feeling of a lady. The thick bangs cover the forehead, and the face is perfectly decorated to highlight the bright and radiant eyes of the girl. The whole hairstyle is youthful and fashionable, and the highlights are vividly displayed. The girl’s soft and gentle temperament.

This playful wig hairstyle looks cute and cute, and the two pony tails match the bangs to create a cute, sweet and beautiful girl image, which perfectly shows the girl’s elves and cuteness, and then wears a cute hair. The hoop is pure and sweet, very pleasing

This black long straight hair style, worn on the head, fits perfectly, without any sense of disobedience. Natural clean hair color with finely broken bangs, exudes a sweet and lively temperament, plus a pink Hair accessories show the youthful vitality of girls.

Popular fashion wigs

This fluffy pear head wig has a warm, low-key hair color that perfectly illuminates the girl’s fair and translucent skin. The neat bangs play the role of decorating the forehead. And the slightly curled medium and long hair scattered randomly on the chest. There is a kind of quiet lady, a feminine atmosphere.

This eye-catching wig features a slanted bangs with a long straight hair buckle that refines the face and highlights the girl’s delicate facial features. The brown hair color is pleasing to the eye, and the complexion looks sweet and cute. The sense of style, Xiao Bian feels that this wig is worth having.

How do girls raise hair care every day?

Hair is equivalent to the second face of a girl. Changing hair color, hair style and hair quality will affect the appearance of girls. Therefore, daily hair care is very important! How do girls raise hair care every day? Shampooing, combing your hair and blowing your hair are the key! Maybe everyone will wash their hair, comb their hair, and blow their hair, but you don’t know the hair care techniques included in it, let Xiaobian come to Amway!

How do girls raise hair care every day? 6 strokes to get the hair to restore smoothness and shine

First, shampoo and frequency

First of all, we need to understand our hair, dry, neutral, or oily hair. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for yourself is the first step. Secondly, the frequency of shampooing depends on the hair quality and personal preference. People who have oily hair and a refreshing hair can wash it once a day. However, it is best for people with dry hair to wash every other day. The interval between each shampoo should not exceed 3 days, otherwise the oil will block the pores of the scalp, which is not conducive to the health of the scalp.

How do girls raise hair care every day? 6 strokes to get the hair to restore smoothness and shine

Second, do not force your hair after washing

In order to make the hair dry quickly, some people use a towel to rub their hair after washing their heads. But this will not only make the hair dry quickly, but also damage the hair and make the hair become rancid.

Third, good at using essential oils

The benefits of hair care essential oils to hair are immeasurable. When the hair is half dry, apply protective oil, especially the hair ends, and then wait for the hair to dry naturally. The next day you will find the hair smooth and silky!

Fourth, make good use of the hair mask

Hair also needs intensive care. Make a hair mask for the hair once a week, so that the damaged or burnt hair is fully nutritious. This way the hair will be tougher and can withstand your next change.

Fifth, the correct use of hair dryer

girls raise hair care

The fashion long hair dryer should be kept at a constant temperature, and it is best to adjust the temperature. There are a lot of ion hair dryers on the market, and the hair is very smooth after use. When blowing hair, we should blow down the hair scales from top to bottom. The hair dryer blows at least 10 cm from the hair, lifts the top of the head and makes a 45° angle with the hair, so that the blown hair will not linger. When blowing your hair, you should pay attention to the hair dryer moving back and forth, and blowing the hair to a slightly damp.

Six, comb hair attention

Every day, we will clear the hair several times. Although the purpose of combing hair is to make the hair more tidy, it is very bad to comb the hair every few minutes. And if you meet the knot when combing your hair, the comb is not working, we should not comb hard, but slowly, patiently try to solve as slowly as possible. Excessive force when combing hair can cause damage to our scalp.