Cute campus wind wig hairstyle

Cute campus wind wig hairstyle

September is coming, early autumn is coming, and it is another year of school season. Today, we recommend a wig hairstyle suitable for students, fresh and lovely!

Cute campus wind wig
This is a short human hair extensions wave head

Cute campus wind wig
Qi Liuhai is very young and full of students.

Cute campus wind wig
The overall contour of this wig is very beautiful, the curve is smooth and full.

Cute campus wind wig
The tail has been thinned to make the overall look lighter and clearer.

Cute campus wind wig
The curves of this hairstyle are very beautiful, from the front, the side or the back.

Wig maintenance and selection

Wig maintenance and selection

Nowadays, wearing wigs is becoming more popular. How to choose wigs and how to protect wigs is very particular!

The wig should be matched with the face shape, mainly to prevent the defects on the face from being exposed, but don’t cover a large amount of hair on the forehead, which will make others feel that you want to cover up.

Wig maintenance and selection

When choosing a wig, consider the proportion of the whole body. For example, a person with a tall neck and a long neck should use a lower hair top and a wig hanging beside the neck; petite, do not wear heavy, thick and long wigs. In addition, it depends on the flexibility and rhythm of the wig, otherwise it will appear unnatural. Hair color and the original do not go too far, because it will not match the skin color. If your hair is very scarce, wearing a wig will be very docile. If you have more hair, you should comb your hair well before wearing a wig, and then divide the hair into several parts, which are wound on the head.

Wig maintenance

Wigs need good maintenance to last long. In fact, the washing and protection of the wig is not difficult, as long as a wire brush, a dense tooth comb, and a large tooth comb are prepared. First, take the wig by hand, first comb the counter hair on the wig with a large tooth comb. First comb it from above, comb it down and comb it down. Don’t comb it from the top to the bottom, it will make the wig fall off, or make the long wig break from the middle. Finally, comb the haircut so that the wig will not only comb the hair smoothly, but also reveal the twists and turns.

Wig maintenance and selection

After using the wig for a period of time, it will be as sweaty as the real hair. Even if it is not unkempt, it should be cleaned frequently. The washing method is: fill the basin with warm water. Put the wig into the wet, pour the shampoo and knead it, and the net is also washed in the water, press it several times, and the dirt and sweat can be removed. Gently pick up the wig, squeeze the water from it, wash it with water once. Then gently comb it with a large tooth comb and dry it with a clean towel.

After the wig is dry, it can be smoothed and docile, and it can be rolled up in newspapers. If it is stored for a long time, it is best to put a little cotton into the wig. Roll the wig into a single hair ring. And then use the hairpin to twist the hair ring to maintain a good hair style. If your wig is going to be used in a short period of time. Then it is best not to fix the hair style. Just twist the wig and make it smashed with a pair of tweezers. You can also use hair gel to shape, the effect is comparable to the real hair extensions.

How do ponytail hair look good?

How do ponytail hair look good?

Are you still simply putting your hair behind your head? The ponytail lady looks refreshing and energetic, so how do you make the ponytail look good? If you add a little thought on the basis of a simple ponytail, your ponytail will be even more Outstanding, hurry and have a look!

How to tie a horsetail hair

ponytail hair
Adding a little thought to the design of this ponytail hair becomes very unique, no matter from the back and on both sides, you can have a haircut carefully. This kind of ponytail is low-key and temperament, and has its own unique charm.

Preparation tool

Comb, rubber band, hairpin

Ponytail hair

The first step: first comb the hair with a comb, then focus the hair back, and leave two bundles of hair on both sides of the bangs, the remaining hair is tied with a rubber band into a ponytail.

Step 2: Then braid the hair on the right side into a simple three-strand twist, and use a little pull on the tweezers to make the tweezers look more fluffy and full.

Step 3: Pull the braided hair back to the horse’s tail, which will also make the scorpion closer to the head.

Step 4: Wrap the tail of the scorpion around the hairpin, and use the hairpin to fix the tail. The other side of the hair bundle repeats the above operation to complete. Finally, the overall ponytail can be completed with a little care.

This ponytail hair, do you like it? Like to learn, tie it up! Hair is a magical thing that can make your beauty more beautiful. How do you make a ponytail hair look good? Look at your fashion hair and you will know.

How to comb the ball head

How to comb the ball head, how to tie it, the head of the ball is simple and beautiful? On a hot summer day, sticking a ball of meat is the best choice, adding a lovely element while refreshing. How to tie the ball head, can make your own shape more chic and stylish, how can the ball head be different to attract others’ attention? If you…

ball head

How to comb the ball head How to tie the ball head is simple and beautiful?

On a hot summer day, sticking a ball of meat is the best choice, adding a lovely element while refreshing. How to tie the ball to the head, to make your own style more chic and stylish, how can the ball head be different to attract others’ attention? If you can’t tie the ball, then take a look at the following tutorial Let’s go. As long as you can tie a simple twist, you can quickly master the style of this hairstyle. Now let’s learn the next shot of the ball.

1. Combing the hair and adjust the bulkiness. Because the long hair of the ball head design is small and simple, so do not pay too much attention to the fluffiness of the curls.

2. Combine all the hair together to form a horsetail.

3. Combing your hair with your hands and let the hair on your head be fluffy and more natural. Then use a rubber band to tie the pony tail.

4. Adjust the bulkiness of the hair after the mid-length hair is tied into the ponytail. In this way, the appearance of the hair without the bangs is naturally unobtrusive. How do you get a good look at the Korean style?

5. Slightly mess with the pony tail. Leave it for later use.

6. Roll the pony tail into a ball shape in the clock direction. Appropriate adjustments.

7. Set with a rubber band and adjust. How do you get a good look at the Korean style ball!

8. The ball head is basically shaped, and finally the position is adjusted with a word clip.

9. To prevent loose and slippery flower buds, secure the clip from the top of the hair.

10. Make the appropriate curl on both sides of the decorated hair.

How to comb the ball head How to tie the ball head is simple and beautiful?

Cute meatballs don’t require too many tools, and the method is simple, so learning is also very simple. This ball head uses a slanted bangs to match the face with a horn to create a cute little face. It is a must-have for ageing and dressing up. Come and learn the picture of this ball.

This must-have item is: rubber band, comb, black hairpin, etc.

First, separate the oblique bangs from the horns and the long hair behind them.

Then use a black rubber band to tie the long hair behind into a cute ponytail.

Pull the pony tail slightly by hand, feeling tighter and more stable.

Then pick up the comb and scrape the hair ends.

The fluffy pony tails are all rounded into a bun.

Fix the hair with a black hairpin to complete the hairstyle.

Is it very simple, you can learn the age of the ball-shaped hair through simple steps, the girl does not hurry to learn.

Wig knowledge: How to bring a wig will not fall

Wig knowledge

With the development of replacement technology, hair is no longer an annoyance for people. Improper wearing of the wig is very bad, and it is important to wear the wig correctly. Recently, many friends came to consult me. How do wigs not fall? In this regard, I am here to give a detailed answer, let’s take a look at it.

It is mainly the wearing method of the wig, so that the wig can be better fixed.

How to bring a wig will not fall

Wig knowledge

Wig knowledge

First of all, we have to wear the hair net. Wear it on the neck first, then pull up and put on the real hair.

Next, pull the net back up. When pulling high, pay attention to check whether all the covers are covered. If you don’t cover it, you need to make some adjustments. Cover it with a small hair clip to fix the overall effect.

Secondly, put on the wig and grasp the sides with both hands and put it into the head.

Finally, while pressing and looking in the mirror, see if there is an imbalance. Do a little bit of the whole, so that the overall effect is really good.

fashion short hair style Girls

fashion short hair style Girls

Girls who like short hair hurry to take a look. Here are a few short hair designs for everyone, and the fashion is temperament. Hurry and pick one.

fashion short hair

There are layers of reddish-brown micro-volume short hair, and in today’s increasingly popular neutral style and Boyfriend style, it is so handsome that you don’t want it, the show is cool and cool, and the rate of return is high!

The thin air bangs, plus the reddish-brown inner wave head that grows to the earlobe, the elegant temperament comes to the surface. Did you see Hepburn in the Roman Holiday?

The focus of this dark brown short hair is the big wave of the four-six-point bangs, which is very bright, with a small wave at the end of the hair, effectively modifying the facial curve, full of personality.

The bangs of four or six points, the clean and inflated wave head, refreshing and full of personality, and the short hair of linen can brighten the whole person, making you the focus of the crowd.

This brown short hair is three-by-seven bangs outwards, and the hair is strong in the shape of the tail. It is like a princess in the fairy tale of England. Sweet and lovely makes people feel excited.

Is this short hair like a ceramic doll coming out of the cupboard? The bangs that have passed the eyebrows can make a big eye. And the short hair on both sides of the cheek is simply the savior of the round face girl. And the cute girl with a slightly fat face must choose.

fashion wigs recommended

fashion wigs recommended

Amy’s sisters must love tossing their hair, but the length of the hair is fixed, how can we do it? At this time, you need a fashion wig. Today’s wigs are more and more beautiful and more realistic, you really don’t want to Want a top?

fashion wigs recommended

Brown long hair style, hot into a fluffy curly hair style, stylish and not tacky, side hair tied to the cheeks, repair and age, more cute and pretty.

Pear short curly hair, beautiful curvature on both sides, fluffy and natural curls close to the cheeks, have a good face-lift effect, and the short bangs overall looks very sweet and pleasant.

The pure black wave head looks very smooth and beautiful. The sparse eyebrows of the bangs, the natural tail of the buckle, the overall looks very cute and lovely.

The trend of the long hair egg roll, breaking the dull and dull sense of ordinary hair, to create a sense of dynamic charm, coupled with temperament in the bangs super cute and romantic.

Fresh and sweet high-tailed hair. Thin bangs and low horsetails are not only fashionable but also very sweet, with a small fresh ponytail hairstyle.

In the middle of the pear head, the hair curls of the hair tail are very individual, and the girl’s temperament goose egg face and long hair are very temperamental, and the air bangs are more attractive.

fashion wigs recommended

The pure long straight hair style perfectly presents the lady’s temperament. Together with Qi Liu Hai design, you can create a small face effect.

Qi Liuhai’s shoulders and short hair, full of youthful vitality, coupled with light linen dyed hair, add a bit of fashion to the overall shape, is the best choice for young students!

The air bangs long curly hair, not only elegant and very temperament, the natural scattered tail has a good layering, and the pink level at the end of the hair is more individual.